world plastic production and consumption

  • Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Lags |…

    28 Jan 2015 . Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Lags. New Worldwatch Institute analysis explores trends in global plastic consumption and.

  • Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Lags - Vital… Jan 2015 . or more than 50 years, global production of plastic has continued . consumption reached 100 kilograms (kg) in Western Europe and North.

  • Plastics – the Facts 2016 - Plastics… for a more sustainable world ca 80% ca 20% use phase production and manufacturing phase. Plastic materials are aesthetical functional sustainable. 5.

  • Plastics – the Facts 2014/2015 An analysis of . -… Feb 2015 . production of and demand for plastics raw materials. Consultic Marketing .. World and European plastics production 2002-2013. Includes.

  • ? Global plastic production | Statista

    This statistic depicts the global plastic production from 1950 to 2015. . Global automotive market: material use; Global lightweight materials production; North.

  • Our Plastic Addiction:Global Plastic…

    5 Feb 2015 . The region produced 45.6% of global plastics TEXT HERE Packaging is responsible for the majority of plastic use, representing 40% of TEXT.

  • Plastic Pollution

    For more than 50 years, global production and consumption of plastics have continued to rise. An estimated 299 million tons of plastics were produced in 2013,.

  • The New Plastics Economy Rethinking the future of . -… production and after-use value chain, as well as with . convening power of the World Economic Forum, the circular economy innovation capabilities.

  • The Global Plastic Problem :: ALGIX | Algae…

    Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in today's world. . The production process used to make plastics consumes about 10% of oil and gasoline both.

  • World plastics consumption long term 1960-2020 - Pardos…

    The semi log graph shows the rates of past and future plastics growth, over a sixty . Total world production/consumption of plastics, since the beginning, at the.

  • Plastic Bags Used Per Year - The World…

    This year 5 trillion plastic bags will be consumed. That's 160,000 a second! Put one after another they would go around the world 7 times every hour and cover.

  • Plastics recycling: challenges and opportunities

    Around 4 per cent of world oil and gas production, a non-renewable . Consumption of plastics and waste generation by sector in the UK in 2000 (Waste Watch.

  • The Rise of Plastic - The Globalist

    9 Dec 2015 . About 4% of the petroleum consumed worldwide each year is used . Global production of plastic has continued to rise for more than 50 years.

  • Progress Report – 2016: The Declaration of the Global… plastics.americanchemistry/./ a global industry to tackle a global problem: plastic litter in the coastal or .. Signatories use the Global Declaration as a framework for action, in cooperation.

  • Industry Profile for the Canadian plastic products…

    Canada produces about 2 percent of the total world volume of plastic products, based on its proportion of world resin consumption. Canadian and worldwide.

  • As Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Efforts…

    30 Jan 2015 . As Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Efforts Fall Behind. . or North America consumes 100 kilograms (220.5 pounds) of plastic every.

  • How much oil is used to make plastic? - FAQ - U.S. Energy…

    25 Apr 2016 . Plastics are produced from natural gas, feedstocks derived from natural gas . Does the world have enough oil to meet our future needs? . How much of the oil produced in the United States is consumed in the United States?

  • The Plastic Problem: The importance of diminishing…

    3 Jun 2016 . On a global scale, plastic consumption per citizen showed a 50% . At the production level most plastics are produced using petrol and natural.

  • single use plastics - Institute for European… produced 23% or 52mt of the world's plastics in 2015, of which 39.5% or 20.5mt were used to produce packaging. 2. What are single use plastics?

  • How much of our plastic garbage ends up at sea? -…

    12 Feb 2015 . Every year, more plastic gets produced and a chunk of that is ending up . top for mismanaged plastic waste; Advocate: Consumption in plastic growing, . (CNN) Nearly every piece of plastic still exists on Earth, regardless of.

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